Specializing in providing high-quality door hardware for residential homes, multi-family buildings, and commercial projects, Delaney’s consistent 1-3 day delivery times, quality products, knowledgeable customer service, and experienced keying technicians, allows us to provide unparalleled door hardware service to suppliers for builders, installers and homeowners. As a result, Delaney Hardware makes furnishing a home’s door hardware refreshingly easy.

The Delaney Experience

Delaney delivers exceptional service, accurate and on-time deliveries with superior value hardware for residential homes, multi-family buildings and commercial projects.


  • Tenured keying technicians (over 100,000 locks keyed annually)
  • Highly trained customer service & sales team
  • Ability to customize orders to meet customer needs


  • 99% accurate and on-time rating
  • Consistent in-stock product offering
  • Fast 1-3 day direct shipping to store or job site


  • Best-in-class value proposition
  • Most popular styles of door hardware in-stock
  • High quality ANSI rated standards for mechanics

Values Matter

Our values are what are truly important to us. Built on a strong family foundation, our core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our company’s actions.

A graph of Delaney Values