So thankful it's the weekend

    So thankful it’s the weekend🙌🏻this is one of my favorite diys that we’ve done. We continue to slowly add to the space like this beautiful matte black bath hardware from @delaneyhardware this is the 1100 series and I love how sleek it is👌🏻they have so many different styles and finishes. The gold is😍


    We love the clean sleek modern smartlock look


    Obsessing over these crystal door knobs

    I’m obsessing over this crystal door knobs from @delaneyhardware They add the perfect vintage touch to these doors!


    No key, no problem!

    No key, no problem!🔑🚫Totally in love with my new smartlock from @delaneyhardware❤️Not only can I unlock the door from this key pad, but I can also see who’s coming and going from my phone screen. And bonus...I can set special “one time use” codes if I need a trusted visitor to let themselves in. Pure genius! You need this. Trust me


    I’m so obsessed with these door handles

    I’m so obsessed with the door handles that @delaneyhardware sent me. Talk about a major upgrade. I never realized how much of a difference it would make changing all the hardware in our house. Every time I open up a door I just smile.


    The best part of this makeover is Delaney

    The best part about the whole makeover is the beautiful hardware that @delaneyhardware sent me. I’m loving the sleek black lines with the rustic industrial look. I think it goes perfect with the shiplap.


    A new entrance for the holidays

    We are soaking in all of the fun festive Christmas decor scattered around the inside of the house, we still took a little time to do a little farmhouse renovation. We partnered with Delaney Hardware and upgraded the look to the front of our home!


    Ken & Anita love Delaney Hardware

    We both love Delaney Hardware. We even use it in our own house… because of the quality, the way they’re made, the way they look… and the finish is fantastic… And they are super easy to install.