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Can anyone order from the B2B site?

Anyone can view, however, only existing and new Delaney customers who have set up their accounts and payments with our accounting department will be assigned account user names and passwords.


How do I find my log in credentials?

Login credentials will be listed in the email you receive that will include your email address for user name and you will need to click on the “Forgot Your Password” link and setup a new password on your first visit.


What if I forgot password?

Click “Forgot Your Password” on the Sign In page, enter your email address, and follow the instructions.


How many people can order from my account?

You can allow others to order on your account, but you can also have additional users set up under your main account if you have more than one buyer at your location.


How do I get access for additional people (in my company) to order product?

You are able to send in a request to with their name and email address to have a sub account set up for them.


How do I track my current orders placed online?

When you login to your account you can click the link at the top right of the page “Account” and this will take you to your orders list. From there you can see their updates on each individual order.


How do I track the orders I placed?

Tracking will be available for any order that shows the “Shipped” status.


How do I make changes to an order I placed previously?

You need to call into or send an email to so that we are able to modify your order. This modification will be reflected on your confirmation once the update is complete. This can be done prior to the “Shipped” status.


How do I work with quotes if I have changes?

If you need a change to a quote it is possible to add a new item. We do ask that you contact customer service so that we can update this and any special pricing for the quote in a timely manner.


How do I find my company’s specific multiplier?

Your multiplier is set up on your account and you are unable to view it. All prices you see once you have logged in will reflect this multiplier.


How accurate is the inventory information?

Inventory feeds are updated daily and reflect any order that has been placed during that day. You can have confidence that the posted inventory is accurate.


Can I order product not currently in stock?

It is possible to purchase out of stock items as a prepurchase by contacting customer service by phone or by email.


Can I track my returns (RGAs) online?

RGAs will be visible in your login and will show just like an order.


Who do I contact if I need help navigating or utilizing the B2B site?

Please contact our customer service team if you need assistance in navigating the site. (800) 952-4430


Can I leave a product review?

It is possible to place a review on products.


What if I can’t locate what I’m looking for?  How do I find out when that item will be back in stock?

If you cannot locate an item you are looking for, please contact customer service for assistance. If a product is out of stock, or there is not enough stock for your order, please contact customer service for additional information.


How long do I have to return an item?

The return time is 45 days from date of shipment.


The item I received was defective. How do I get a refund?

If you have a defective product, it is possible to get a refund through our RGA process. We ask that you contact customer service and we can begin your RGA/return and update your account with the status of the RGA.


I received the wrong item (or missing an item). What do I do?

Please contact customer service so that we can assist. (800) 952-4430


How do I cancel an order?

Please contact customer service to initiate the cancellation. (800) 952-4430


My purchase was lost in transit, what should I do?

Please contact customer service so that we can assist in replacing the purchase. (800) 952-4430


What is a living finish?

A living finish is a natural patina on a metal or other material. Examples include unsealed copper, nickel and bronze, teak and bamboo. These items are subject to the effects of weather, water and air, and their appearance can be expected to change over time. Our living finishes include US10BE (Oil Rubbed Bronze Edged), US12P (Tuscany Bronze), US10B (Oil rubbed Bronze), ABR (Aged Bronze), ABK (Aged Black), and Duro Bronze.


How do I care for Hardware with a living finish? 

For living finish care: clean gently with mildly soapy water and soft cloth at least twice a year. Rinse all soap from the surface with water and gently dry. Then apply a light coat of oil, olive oil, or boiled linseed oil.